Animal Toxins

Animal Toxins

    Animal toxins are produced by a variety of species by different animals. Like the plants, these toxins are produced for their means of defense against other animals, or obtaining prey. Animals capable of producing toxins are divided to venomous animals and poisonous animals. Venomous animals can produce the toxin in highly specialized secretory glands. Poisonous animals are characterized by having various tissues that contain the toxin.



    It is one of the most common venomous animals. There are more than 400 species of snakes that can deliver dangerous amount of toxins to humans. The venom of the snakes is primarily composed of several types of enzymes and polypeptides which is responsible for the different effects in human. 

Snake Venom Toxin


    Scorpion venom is made up of neurotoxins and other proteins that can cause paralysis or even death. The toxins found in scorpion venom typically alter the pathways to the release of neurotransmitter by hindering the pre-synaptic mechanisms that release neurotransmitters(acetylcholine). These junction sites are found throughout the whole nervous system that may leads to paralysis.  

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